Thursday, September 13, 2012

LC Cooper Trivia - What Makes Me Tick, Part 1

·        I like to use the word booger as a bookmark when I write and edit. This approach has proven easier than relying on MS Word's bookmark functionality, which causes problems when uploading to Smashwords. Booger has worked well, with the exception of one of my under-construction novels (Diary of a Reluctant Vampire); the protagonist is often caught with a finger up his nose.
·        I'm not a fan of pretentious author's pages and credential-slathered book back covers. As such, my author page will always be irreverent, and back covers will only provide a brief description of the book's story.
·        To put some gossip to rest, yes, I have written short stories and articles, under a pen name, for some unsavory magazines. Although those days are behind me, I did have fun with my first venture into writing, and succeeded in creating a slightly-successful brand.
·        Not a surprise to those who keep up with stats about Smashwords' readers, but my top downloads are the romances followed by the comedies. Legacy is the one oddity with the most downloads of all, though. Barnes & Noble seems to be the place readers go to for action/adventure stories. Legacy has done better there in the last six months than anywhere else since its publication in 2010.
·        Having never been on the receiving end, I can't stand favoritism. Something about it gets under my skin, probably because I've not been the golden child. I'm almost certain my attitude will change if given the chance to be the beneficiary, though. J
·        Aw, heck, it's that fickle "rooting for the underdog" thing we do here in the USA that makes me tenacious and stubborn. I don't take easily to elitism; see what I wrote about it throughout this blogsite (e.g. "Douglas County Libraries and Smashwords' FREE Titles, an Update." 
Similarly, I helped educate PayPal's decision-makers to the reality of where legal fiction can reside … even in PayPal's own backyard. Knee-jerk reactions, such as PayPal's earlier this year, set me off. I wrote a few pieces about PayPal's antics within this blog.


  1. 1. - I used "START HERE" but booger is more interesting :p

    2 - me either! I have actually skipped reading books because of pretentious bios or blog posts by the authors.

    3 - Oh rah-E-ally? (best Steve Urkel impression)

    4 - yes! This month I have sold 10 on amazon and 46 on B&N. The math is simple. also i have been rereading my first book *shudder* and have decided that marketing it as a romance is not such a bad idea...

    5 - ditto.

    6 - Yes you have and keep it up! :D

  2. Thanks, Jo. Great to hear from you! Glad to know your preferences and experiences are similar.

    Hmm ,,, "Start Here" ... VERY clever bookmark. The tens-of-thousands of dolllars you spent on that editing consultant was, no doubt, well worth the investment! :D

    Steve Erkel? Gosh, who's that? I must be much, much younger than you, Jo. haha Actually, at a Krystals hamburger joint, the clerk didn't challenge me when I ordered a senior-priced meal - the little turd. He should have at least asked to see my driver's licens to validate my age. I was PMS'ing that week, so I ate him ... all the same grease of a Krystal's hamburder, but less fatty.

    Speaking of elitists: Michael Robb Mathias (@Dahg Mahn on Twitter) is a spammer. Told him to stop spamming me, and you can imagine how that went. I'm surprised Ruth bothers to follow him. Yuck! Anyway, he and I parted ways. *sniff* I'm gonna miss all his slimeball tweets.

    I'm gona change the categories for "The Voices of Cellar's Bridge" to romance and fantasy, which is more accurate in some ways than action/adventure.

    I noticed, after writing Part 2 of LC Cooper trivia (coming soon - oh joy and rapture) that, although I purposely bounced across genres and POV, it reads like a shotgun approach to writing. I believe I've found my voice, but may have wasted some time and effort treating writing as a playful hobby instead of a career. New novels will focus on series and a long-running collection.

    Take care,


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