Friday, July 6, 2012

RAM Partners LLC: Bend Over and Take It?

RAM Partners LLC bullied their way into my life two weeks ago, and I hope they are soon fired. From my experiences, I believe they are a poor excuse for a property-management company. Here are my specific complaints:
·        Rude: While the ink was still drying on their contract with our property's owners, RAM Partners LLC's staff should have gone out of their way to introduce themselves to all of us – their ultimate customers – after all, we, the tenants, pay their salaries. Instead, during the "transition to RAM Partners LLC," I was snubbed and eyed suspiciously whenever I approached the office staff. Not once did they lower themselves to be courteous or introduce themselves.
·        Eliminated Mosquito Spraying: Immediately after grabbing power at our apartment complex, RAM Partners LLC stopped the weekly spraying of the property's grounds for mosquitoes, even though a number of local suburbs tested positive for West Nile virus, which is spread by mosquitoes. For two weeks, they didn't spray and didn't bother to tell us or ask our opinion, as we are those most affected and exposed – the tenants - customers. I only found out today when I called and asked. I got a sheepish, "oh, well!"
·        Reduced Customer Access: A selling feature of this property is a small garden area that has been accessible 24/7. RAM Partners LLC locked all gate access to this garden area under the guise of controlling pool access. It is my belief that RAM Partners LLC is all about controlling and suppressing customers. In this case, the courtesy officer could certainly be called if the pool was being used after hours. Instead, RAM cut off access to the entire area. Now, anyone wanting to get to the workout room or business office between 10:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. must enter through an ugly side entrance and not via the now-locked and gated garden entrance.
·        Now Difficult to Pay Rent: We can no longer pay rent using a credit/debit card in the office. We must either pay via check (who uses checks anymore?) or via RAM Partners LLC's idiotic website that doesn't even work!
·        Charging Kids for Popsicles: As summer approached, the previous managers provided free popsicles to resident children. For a measly $3.00, they gave 100 children a smile on a hot day. However, RAM Partners LLC stopped the practice for a week, and only reinstated it after announcing it was charging 25 cents for each popsicle taken. Since a popsicle only costs 3 cents each, then RAM Partners LLC ;ockets 22 cents in profit off of each smiling face. How's that for making an impression?
·        Stopped the Pool Party: Previous management scheduled a pool party that, once in power, RAM Partners LLC canceled. Rescheduled or canceled outright? Only RAM Partners LLC knows.
Many of us in this community chose this particular property for its amenities and friendliness of the staff, when it was under prior management. I am convinced RAM Partners LLC has brought nothing positive to the relationship between customer-tenants and the property owners. RAM Partners LLC's stance appears to be adversarial – like a wolf in sheep's clothing.
Thank you for taking the time to read my experiences. Please share what you've had to put up with from RAM Partners LLC.

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