Friday, June 29, 2012

JellyBooks - A New eBook Platform

In prior posts, I described Bilbary's offering and potential pitfalls for authors. I just learned about Jellybooks - another new beta distribution/marketing model for ebooks. As of today, its publishing partners are:
  • Profile Books
  • The Economist Books
  • Serpent’s Tail
  • The Clerkenwell Press

  • Overview:
    Jellybooks offers readers the ability to sample 10% of an ebook and then forward the sample to her/his friends via email, Twitter, and other networking services. Registration is not required, but is encouraged through discounts to purchase ebooks at third-party retailers (including Amazon KDP Shop and Apple Tunes store). Membership is free. Jellybooks claims it won't allow onsite advertising.

    Benefits to Registering (from Jellybooks' Help pages):
  • A personal cloud library called “My Books”
  • One-click (instead of two-click) download for samples
  • Cloud-based access to your personal samples from any device
  • Customized book recommendations
  • Sweet deals

  • Jellybooks states it's only interested in publishing partners that list 50 or more titles (

    Check out Don Bodie's overview of both Jellybooks and Bilbary:


    1. interesting. Had not heard of them yet! Off to check out the blog!

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    3. I'm glad the summary was useful. It would be great if you're able to grow your base via Jellybooks. Let me know how it all plays out. Unfortunately, I haven't met the 50-books requirement in order to promote my titles on JB's site. I'm getting a "wait and see" from some publishers and authors. They want to see if Jellybooks can grow beyond the beta phase.

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